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Intervention Course (DUI Class)

A common misconception about the RRP Program is that it's strictly a DUI class that shows distasteful videos of car crashes and everyone is guilted into giving up alcohol. That may have been the approach back when high-top fades and beepers were all the rave, but today it's quite different.

Classroom Environment

The PRIME For Life Course taught at ABS DUI School is an informative discussion about alcohol and drugs and protecting the things valued most in life. We talk at length about making the right choice at the right time, and we offer guidelines for drinking responsibly.

The class setting is a laid back atmosphere where everyone is equal, no one is undervalued, and we all learn from each other.

You can choose to participate in the many open discussions or just sit back and take it all in. It’s entirely up to you. Once you get past the fact that you'd rather be somewhere else, we're almost certain you'll find the information quite interesting.


The DDS dictates all rules and requirements for this course, including the length of each session, cost of the program, attendance policy, the curriculum, etc. Everything we require of you is mandated by the DDS. Pretty much the only rules we're allowed to set are class dates and start times.

The class is 20 hours in length and consists of five sessions lasting 4 hours each. The DDS won't allow more than two sessions in one day, therefore, we have to stretch the classes out over several days.

Participation from each student contributes to the overall success of the class. For this reason, everyone is required to purchase a PRIME For Life Workbook and complete exercises within the book throughout each session.

Students are required to be in class for the entire 20 hours, with the exception of breaks. Class will not let out prior to the scheduled time, therefore, don't plan on leaving early without losing credit towards completion of the course. Missing class is not recommended and only creates unnecessary issues.

There will be 10 to 15 minute breaks throughout each session and a 1-hour break every four hours.

The cost of the Intervention Course is $235.00 plus $20.00 for the Workbook.


Available Classes

We typically hold 3-day classes beginning on Friday evening and ending on Sunday evening.

Classes are broken into five 4-hour sessions. Weekend classes hold one session on Friday, two sessions on Saturday, and two on Sunday.

Choose a date, then send us an email from the form below letting us know which class you would like to take.

If the class you want begins to fill up before you secure your seat, we will call you to make sure you have the opportunity to get in for that date.

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