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Missing Class

When a student fails to show up as scheduled, he or she must be pushed into the next available class.

This creates a disconnect in the information given in class, unnecessary administrative work, and a longer period in which the student can regain driving privileges or satisfy legal requirements.

Now having said that, let me say, it happens. Sometimes life gets in the way and plans must change in a moment's notice. An insensitive boss, a sick child, or an unreliable babysitter, for example, can unexpectedly cause undue hardship requiring plans to change. We understand this.

Excused vs. Unexcused Absence

The DDS understands this as well. Therefore, the term "excused absence" was incorporated into the RRP Rules and Regulations. This term is not to be used loosely or defined by staying out late and/or sleeping in, but rather for serious emergencies and unpreventable complications.

It's important to understand that unexcused absences can result in a student losing credit for completed sessions and having to repay fees for the Intervention Course. So, be sure you're committed to the dates when signing-up for the class.

Returning After An Absence

Once you attend the first session, you have 4 weeks to complete the course before having to start over from the beginning. If you miss class and return to complete the course, you must resume exactly where you left off. You cannot attend Sessions 1 and 2, skip Session 3 and show-up for Session 4 thinking you can make-up Session 3 later. The Sessions must be completed in succession.

Just to clarify, the class is broken into 5 four-hour sessions. So if, for example, you come to Sessions 1 & 2 but don't show for Session 3, you will have to wait until the next scheduled class and continue at the beginning of Session 3. If you fail to complete the remainder of the sessions within one month, you will then have to start over at Session 1.

Don't be a fool, stay in school!


"An absence is considered excused if the Student is called for military duty, has a personal medical emergency or a medical emergency involving an immediate family member, or there is a death in the Student’s immediate family. Other absences may be excused at the Program Owner’s discretion."
~~RRP Rules and Regulations 375-5-6-.15-e
Available Classes

We typically hold 3-day classes beginning on Friday evening and ending on Sunday evening.

Classes are broken into five 4-hour sessions. Weekend classes hold one session on Friday, two sessions on Saturday, and two on Sunday.

Choose a date, then send us an email from the form below letting us know which class you would like to take.

If the class you want begins to fill up before you secure your seat, we will call you to make sure you have the opportunity to get in for that date.

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